the glamour & Lace experience

Glamour & Lace Events offers customized collections to fit each couple's personal style and create your perfect wedding celebration. Review our collections to start planning your dream wedding today.


The Complete collection

You’re not willing to sacrifice anything. Somehow wedding planning needs to fit into the life you’ve already created. You’re not willing to pull focus from your career, family, or the relationship that led to your wedding celebration. Get the help you need at every step in the planning process. We match you to qualified providers, walk you through each of the planning milestones, advise your investments, make style suggestions, and execute the details of the wedding day. You make the big decisions and we take care of the rest. 

Collection starts at $4,500

The design collection

The wedding of your imagination has a very specific feel, look, and smell. You can see what you’d like in your head but you have no idea how to make it come to life. We interpret your personal style and love story to create a visionary and detailed experience your guests will never forget. We perfectly pair each element of the design, from textures to tastes, and create an innovate celebration experience. 

Collection starts at $3,000



The event management collection

Through our systematic online planning process, you remain the director of your wedding planning experience. Our team supports you and your planning needs at specified milestones .Providing the empowerment you need to make the big decisions while not missing a single details.When all of the decisions are made our team steps in to seamlessly manage the weekend of the wedding. We’ll see that each of the elements you’ve selected are beautifully carried out while you enjoy the celebration of a lifetime. 

Collection starts at $2,500


Looking for an Expertly Crafted Experience? 


Regine Danielle Events, our sister company, provides a white glove event production service that focuses on completely personal concierge experiences.

All inclusive. Unparalleled.